Training Through Bad Days At The Gym

As life goes in everything we do there will be good times and not so good times. There will be times where everything seems to go good and sometimes where nothing goes right. Trust me I have been through that myself.I do not like these days but sometimes we have to push through it and say that we made it through.

I just would like to discuss some ways that we can make it through a bad workout and still feel a bit accomplished.



-One reason can be that you did not eat properly throughout the day, if you train in the afternoon or night time.When you eat food, ofcourse it provides you with energy the body needs. So if you don’t consume adequate amount of calories for the day you would not have an adequate amount of energy to push the weight.

I personally train in the gym at night so I consume about 2-3 meals before I train at night or sometimes I consume 2 meals and a snack. Bananas are a good snack to eat before the gym as it provides you with energy in the gym.

For those of you that train at morning your strength would not be at its best, yes you will be strong but if you train in the evening time you will notice your strength is greater then. But this does not mean you are doing the wrong thing if you train in the morning. Choose what works best with your schedule.


– Another reason you could have a poor training day is lack of sleep. Sleep is rest and if you do not rest how is your body supposed to recharge itself. It’s like using a smart phone for long hours and not putting it to charge. How is it supposed to get the energy to continue working if you do not charge it?

Rest is vital for your recovery as studies show your body releases growth hormone when you sleep which enables our muscles and bones to grow and get stronger.

Lack of sleep also affects our energy levels which can affect our workout if we do not rest enough.Lack of sleep also can cause us to gain weight. Studies show sleep deprivation causes our body’s levels of leptin which is a hormone that enables us to feel full to decrease.

Therefore if it decreases we tend to eat more to feel full and if we eat more that means more calories which means we are more likely to gain weight.


-Another reason is if you had a stressful day.Stress affects the CNS( central nervous system). Stress affects your brain which is part of the Central nervous system.

It reduces mental focus and if you are not focus on your lift ahead you will not perform at your best so stress can affect your strength levels. We must be mindful that mental stress is not a real thing, it’s basically negative thought patterns.

Next time you are stressed out look at the thoughts you are thinking.And negative thoughts can literally weaken you.The same goes for depressing thoughts and sometimes when I go the gym and I have a depressing day I literally feel my strength levels drop.

Stress and depression can also lead us to over-eating for those of us that are stress eaters. This can lead to weight gain.

– CNS fatigue is also another reason you can have a bad training session. This is so if you are training too hard day in day out without adequate rest. This can cause your strength levels to drop drastically if you do not rest and this was discussed in an earlier article if you would like to do further reading. One way to know if you are suffering from CNS fatigues is if you start to feel mentally fatigued when lifting weights.


-Ensure to have proper meals throughout the day so your energy levels can be up when you are ready to train. I tend to have a light meal or a snack about 45 minutes to an hour before I train so I do not get hungry when training. Bananas are also a very good snack before the gym or any exercise you do, it boosts your energy levels.

-Try to get atleast 6 hours of sleep for the very least. About 6-8 hours is good amount of rest. Any thing below 6 hours is critical and can impair your training greatly.

I noticed personally that once I get 6 hours and more hours of sleep I feel good in the gym and I can train at my best.Anything below 6 hours is very crucial and you tend to not have as much energy.

I know there are sometimes when we can’t sleep at night or we have a bad night’s rest and that happens to all of us. What you can do is atleast take a power nap, that works great for me as well.

– Manage stress levels. Personally how I manage my stress is through either meditation or yoga. I do the both of them and these work greatly for me. It helps to release the tension in my body and help me feel great mentally.

It helps me feel mental clarity and helps remove any stress or depression I feel. I recommend doing about 7-10 minutes of both of them. Meditation also helps us to develop mental strength and toughness. Yoga helps to loosen tight areas in our body as well when training and helps prevent injury. I highly recommend this method. Also beware of your negative thoughts as it can affect your training as well. Meditation can help you become a more positive person.

If you do not know how to meditate or do yoga check out Youtubr there are tons of videos !

– Take a rest from the gym or take a light day. Some times the body can feel fatigued especially mentally and it is advised to let the body rest. Having a light day also does the body good and allows the body to overcome fatigue and recover.This is called a deload and if you would like to know about this method, I posted an article about it in a previous article.

If you are experiencing a bad day in the gym I recommend you take a light day and make it through the day rather than lift heavy and fail and beat yourself up. It’s okay to take it easy sometimes!

I hope this helps to make your training better in the gym ! Thank you for reading !

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