PRODUCT: King Whey Premium Protein

PRICE: $59.99 USD                                


SIZE OF PRODUCT: 5lb container



King Whey is one of the recent upcoming supplements that is taking the market by ‘storm’. It consists of top quality ingredients and a variety of flavours. A lot of the athletes and bodybuilders are currently using this supplement.

It consists of 25g of protein per scoop which seems pretty good and each scoop of protein is about 120 calories.Of the 25g of protein it consists of 20g of whey concentrate and 5g of whey isolate. These are fast absorbing in the body and both have an excellent amino acid profile. This means that muscle growth and recovery will be optimal while taking this supplement.

I am currently personally taking this supplement. I am taking the vanilla frosting flavor and it seems to have a pretty good taste. I am not quite sure about the other flavours honestly, some people have said that the other flavours don’t taste so good while others say they taste good, so I guess it’s up to personal preference. But I recomnend trying the vanilla frosting flavour if there is any in stock.

I personally think it is a great supplement. It works just as well as the other great supplements such as Gold Standard. I personally think that I see muscle growth and I recover well too.

For those that do not know for optimal muscle growth you want to consume about as many grams of protein as close to your bodyweight as possible. It is okay if you consume 20-30g of protein below bodyweight you will still gain muscles. For some of us consuming so much protein through meals alone isn’t possible for us.

If for example you weigh 180 lbs then you have to consume close to 180 g of protein daily, about 150g for the least. I f you cannot consume that from food alone that’s where the protein supplement comes in. You take one scoop and get 25 g of extra protein into your diet.

For those of you that do not know how to take protein. You may need a protein shakers cup and you can add water and add a scoop of protein and shake it up and drink it. Simple as that !

I highly recommend this protein because it works well and it has a pretty good taste with respect to the vanilla flavour and it works well for muscle growth and recovery. For those interested you can buy it here!


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