Can I lose fat fast and still eat? Sure!

Hey guys I just wanted to provide some information to you today on fat loss. Like ofcourse nobody likes a chubby belly or love handles or even arm fat. Everyone likes to have a flat stomach or atleast like to think they have one. The question is can you lose fat fast and still eat? Ofcourse you can! This article is focused on people whose main goal is to lose fat .

The concept of fat loss is very simple to understand but a little tougher to execute in your daily life. I remember once i was over weight I was 180lbs but for my height I was overweight.The weight i had mostly consisted of fat and not only muscle. After 2 months i was down to 155lbs. I lost a huge percentage of body fat.

At first i did not understand the concept of fat loss but when I did it changed my life, I lost fat including my love handles which i hate! And now i am here to help you lose weight too! I am here to help you understand this concept.


So first things first as you know food is a primary necessity of our survival, without it we would not be alive. We all know that food contains a specific amount of calories. Calorie is basically the amount of energy in food.

Therefore the higher the calories in food the more energy it contains or the more energy dense it is. If you look at the nutrition facts on any food label or drink you buy, you can see the number of calories that food or drink contains.

At the end of the day after consuming your 3 meals or how much ever meals you consume , the amount of calories you consume is your total number of calories you consumed for the day.

Now your body also burns a certain amount of calories for the day. This means it burns a certain amount of energy for the day as we go about our daily activities. Even doing nothing for the day our body burns calories just for us staying alive! We just wouldn’t burn as much for the day. The more active we are during the day the more calories we burn.

So now that we got these covered I want you to read and understand this carefully. Let’s say today you burned 2500 calories at the end of the day and let’s say you consumed 3-4 meals that was equal to 3000 calories. Your body only needs 2500 calories to fuel itself because that’s the amount you burned for the day.

The only way to get this energy is through food ofcourse because food provides energy. Therefore there is an excess of 500 calories. The body currently has no use for this excess energy but does not get rid of it just in case the body might need it for any future occurrences. Therefore this energy gets stored and is converted to fat and is stored under our skin.

This is called a calorie surplus.This principle is used by gym goers who intent is to put on size. So imagine consumimg excess calories everyday consistently It is obvious that you will get fat and gain weight.

1 pound of bodyweight is equal to 3500 calories. So if you consume 3500 excess calories over time you will gain 1 pound of fat.

This is why fast foods such as KFC, McDonald’s ,Burger King and others cause weight gain because they are high energy or energy dense foods and consists of alot of calories.

So imagine if you eat these foods often how many calories you are consuming.


So let’s say you burned 3000 calories and you only consumed 2500 total calories from food. Your body needs energy to fuel it but you only consumed 2500 calories so that means it needs energy from somewhere else.

The body therefore breaks down the fat and converts it into energy and this energy is used to provide the body with energy. Therefore your body fat has been broken down and used for energy. And that’s how you lose fat. This is called a calorie deficit and this is how gym goers lose fat.

People often think that they have to eat healthy or clean to lose fat and do tons of cardio. Although this is helpful you can eat the healthiest of food and still get fat. This is so because let’s say you consume 3000 calories of healthy food and you only burned 2500 calories, there is 500 calories of excess energy. Therefore it gets stored as fat !

Am i saying that it is not important to eat healthy? Ofcourse not ! I strongly encourage you to eat healthy and treat your body good. This was just used to explain the topic.

So therefore if you continuously put yourself in a calorie deficit and you burn a total of 3500 calories over time you will lose 1 pound of fat. So next time you say you lose 5 pounds of fat be proud because you just burned 17500 calories!

The body chooses places randomly to break down fat. So you might lose fat in other areas like your arm or your back first before you see results in your stomach. This is very important to know and one must know to be patient when losing fat.



1. Beware of liquid calories. People often think that they get fat from the food they eat alone but remember drinks carry calories too. This also adds up to your total calories. My advice is to consume mainly water since it has 0 calories or if you drink tea or coffee refrain from adding sugar or milk. Coffee and tea contains little to n0 calories as well. Keep the beers to rare occasions.

2.Use cardio to your advantage. Cardiovascular exercise enables you to burn alot of calories so this can help you to burn extra calories especially on days when you know you have consumed too many calories. So if you consumed too many calories today hop on the treadmill or go for a run outside or even do jump ropes. Jump ropes are very good for burning calories and if you can do it I highly recommend you do it. Cardio is also great for your heart.

3. Consume more protein. Protein helps us to feel more full after eating and its great trick to help us to eat less and if we eat less that means less calories consumed.

4. Fill up your plate with mainly veggies. Vegetables are very low in calories and since it is low in calories we can eat alot of it and would not be consuming alot of calories. This also help us to feel more full after eating.

5. Eat slowly. Upon eating slowly the body releases hormones that tell the brain the we have eaten and this help us to eat less. The faster we eat the slower the hormones get produced in the stomach and we tend to eat more food. Also avoid distractions such as the television and phone when eating.

6. This is not really a tip but if you see Kcal (kilocalories) on the nutrition facts and not the word calories, Kilocalories and calories mean the same thing in this sense. So 50 kcal is equal to 50 calories. Also be aware of serving sizes. If the label say serving size 2 and the amount of calories is per serving, that means 50 calories is the serving size of 1 serving and not 2 of them.


To find out how much calories you burned for a day use this technique:

On a day that you are not very active, multiply your bodyweight by 14( bodyweight x 14 = calories burned on a non active day)

On a day that you are semiactive, multiply your bodyweight by 15 (bodyweight x 15 = calories burned on a semiactive day)


On a day that you are highly active, multiply your bodyweight by 16 (bodyweight x 16 = calories burned on a highly active day)

Therefore you would need to consume less calories than your daily calories to be in a calorie deficit and to lose fat.


I hope this helps everyone to understand the concept of fat loss and thank you for reading! Just remember to be patient when taking part in this, the fat loss will come but not overnight but if you use this principle in a matter of 4-5 weeks you can lose up to 8 to 10 pounds! Goodluck !

Progressive Overload(Can it get you bigger and stronger?)



Progressive overload is the gradual increase in the amount of weight one lifts in resistance training or weight training.This principle involves slowly increasing demands on the musculoskeletal system for you to continually make size and strength gains.

For your muscles to get bigger and stronger you must continually make the muscles of the body work harder and this is what progressive overload does. So yes it can get you bigger and stronger.

Progressive overload is not only done in weight training but also cardiovascular training and is also a major concept in cardiovascular training as well. Therefore this is a way to gradually get bigger and stronger in the gym or even improve your cardiovascular health.

There are studies that show that cardiovascular fitness has an effect on weight training as well but this will be discussed in a later article. Progressive overload can be used in compound lifts as well as isolation.


1.Increasing the weight

2.Increasing number of reps using the same weight

3. Increasing the training volume

4. Decreasing the rest time between sets

5.Increasing training frequency


Increasing the weight

One famous and well known of progressive overload is ofcourse adding more weight.

Let’s say for example you can bench press 225lbs for a number of 4 sets and 8 reps without hitting failure in any sets or using a spotter. That means the weight is pretty easy for you and you can now increase weight.

Therefore you can add 2.5 lbs to each side of the bar making it a 5lbs increase in total. You can now try to hit 4 sets of 8 with 230lbs and keep on doing these over the upcoming weeks until the 230lbs get easy and as the 230lbs get easy you can now increase to 235lbs then 240lbs then 245lbs and keep on increasing like that.

This type of progressive overload can work with any rep range such as 3 sets by 10 reps or 3 sets by 5 reps or 5 sets by 3 reps. But ensure it is a gradual increase in weight and ensure also that you do not hit failure in any sets otherwise do not increase in weight. Ensure that the weight is kind of easy before increasing.

Increasing the number of reps using the same weight

So lets say you can barbell bicep curl 80 lbs for 8 reps very easily and its not that difficult to do anymore because you have been doing it a while. So for example 3 sets by 8 reps and you can do this without failure.

What you can do to increase size and strength is do the same weight for 10 – 12 reps by 3 sets. This puts extra stress on the muscle and helps the muscle to grow and get stronger. Simple as that ! And you can do this in any exercise as well.




Increasing training volume

Training volume is the number of sets multiplied by the number of reps. So for example lets say you do 4 sets of 8 reps of squats.


You can increase your training volume by adding another set of squats to your workout. So you end up doing 5 sets of 8 reps.

By doing this the muscle is more exposed to stress causing it to grow and get stronger at the same time. Adding another set is not the only way to increase training volume but also adding another exercise to the workout. So let’s say you do 4 exercises on your leg day you can add a 5th causing an increase in the total nuber of reps and sets done for the day.



Decreasing rest time between sets

So for example doing 4 sets bench press with 2 minutes rest you can now try to do it in 1 minutes and 45 seconds then when that feels easier you can do 1 minute and 30 seconds, then 1 minute and 15 minutes.

When doing strength training such as doing heavy compounds I recommend you rest as much as you need such as 3 to 5 minutes even.This allows you to do the same amount of work in less time allowing your body to become more metabolically efficient.

Increasing training frequency

Training frequency is the number of times for the week you train a muscle group. So if you train arms once a week you have a lower training frequency for that muscle group for someone that trains arms twice a week.

This can be used for example if you have a lagging muscle group that you want to work on. For example, calves, you can increase training frequency from once to twice and see how that works.


I highly recommend incorporating progressive overload in your compound lifts (squat,bench press, deadlifts, overhead press). This has done wonders for my size and strength. I tend to use a rep range of either 3 sets of 10 reps or 4 sets of 8 reps for my compound lifts and it has done well for me. For those of you hitting a plateau or even not seeing much gains in the gym I recommend progressive overload for you.

Want to get bigger and stronger? Try Powerbuilding!

Hey guys today i am going to discuss the principles of powerbuilding training and how it is used by many to anable you to look stong while being actually strong.Yes one can have big muscles and be strong physically but one can have big muscles and not be really strong and I’ll explain that to you later down in the article.

What is powerbuilding?

Powerlifting and bodybuilding done together in a training program is what we call powerbodybuilding or powerbuilding for short. It is the mixture of doing a compound exercise ( example: squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press) followed by doing an isolation exercise used for bodybuilding( also known as hyperthrophy training).

A compound exercise is an exercise that works multiple muscles at once. So the bench press would work the chest muscles, the triceps, the front or anterior deltoid and believe it or not the lats( short for latsimus dorsi) which is a muscle on your back.

Isolation exercises are exercises which focus on one muscle only and are used for more bodybuilding purposes and these include leg extension, lat pull down, chest flys ,etc. In powerbuilding, the power move also known as the compound move  is used to increase body strength and helps you to get physically stronger, while the bodybuilding move is used to increase muscle mass or size and help you to look bigger and ‘stronger’.




The power move or the powerlifting move helps you to get stronger. Strength training tends to be in the lower rep ranges ( for example a 3 rep max or even a 2 rep max). The rep range for strength tends to be in the 1-6 rep range  but one can train in the higher rep ranges in power exercises and still get stronger.This will be discussed a little later in the article in a process of what we call progressive overload.

The hypertrophic rep range tends to be in the higher rep ranges such as 6-12 reps. This helps you to increase your muscles size. So for example you can do squats in lower rep ranges to improve your squat strength and leg strength as well or you can do it in higher rep ranges to increase your leg size.

But for powerbuilding one might want to keep there rep ranges in the lower regions such as 3-6 reps.It is okay to go beyond these rep ranges and we must keep a mental reminder than we should not always stay confined to these rep ranges. Personally I go up to rep ranges of 8 in my compound lifts and I use a powerbuilding program.I tend to use progressive overload to get stronger and it has worked well in my opinion. This topic will be further introduced later in another article.


One person can have big muscles and not be very strong and this is often confusing to most people because it is often thought once you start to go to the gym and gain muscle you get stronger. This in a sense is true but not entirely true.

Also one person can not have very big muscles  and still be very strong such as being able to squat 315lbs or bench press 275lbs. This is so because as you train in the lower rep ranges in a compound lift or any lift per say you are working more of the central nervous system rather than the muscles. Yes the muscles are involved when doing any lift but when doing a really heavy lift the nervous system which enables you to basically do everything is worked heavily.

Therefore the heavier the weight for you the greater the stress placed on the nervous system and therefore a greater response by the nervous system. So basically as the nervous system develops the capability to respond to heavier and heavier weight, you get stronger.

Since hypertrophy involves a relatively high rep range that means the weight that you use for these rep ranges will ofcourse be light to moderate for you and since we already established that  the heavier the weight the greater the response from the nervous system then that means the lighter the weight the less response from the nervous system.

That is why we tend to see people with very very big muscles but they aren’t that strong because their nervous system has not developed the capability to respond to heavier weight.


For those of you out there that want to attain both the answer is yes. For example lets say your bench press was once 225lbs and it increased to 250lbs, the chest muscles as well  the triceps and deltoids got stronger ofcourse.

Therefore lets say you use to do dumbell flys with a 30 lbs for 10 reps, then you can most likely now do 35lbs for 10 reps. This means your chest muscles got stronger and since you increased in weight your muscles has the capability to get bigger which means the muscle can now develop more muscles fibres.

And since there are now more muscles fibres in the muscle you can then push more weight in the compound lifts meaning your bench press can now get stronger because you have more muscle fibres to push the weight. Let’s say for example 5 people want to push a truck it would be more difficult than if you had 20 people to push the truck. The same apply for your muscles if you had more muscle fibres then you can push heavier weight. Therefore both strength training  and bodybuilding go hand in hand.


In conclusion the concept of powerbuilding was introduced to you today and for those of you that want to further understand this concept and to get bigger and stronger, other articles will be posted. I hope i helped you just a little to understand the concept of strength training and hypertrophy. I will soon post some tips and tricks you can also use in the gym. Thanks for reading guys I really appreciate it !



My Powerbuilding Program


I have been training in the gym for a littleness more than a year now and at first I struggled to develop a proper program and because of this I struggled to get bigger and stronger at the gym. I struggled in all my lifts and I was often upset at the fact that I wasn’t getting stronger or putting on much size .

After struggling and struggling and endless research I then decided to develop a program for myself and after doing this I realized that I have gained 8 pounds of muscle and also my strength increased drastically and I’m continuing to get stronger.

Going to the gym is a learning process and I know everyone has a specific personalized goal . But patience and believing in yourself is vital. Upon getting better in the gym I wanted to help people who didn’t know how to develop programs and who were willing to get better hence why I’m here to help



My powerbuilding program intends to help people who struggle to develop and stick to a specific program in the gym. Especially newbies who aren’t too sure how’s to develop a program as yet but it can help gym goers of any stage of their training.

We intend to help people get bigger and stronger or even just get fit and love a healthier lifestyle and to help them become more productive and satisfied with their life. I have seen people in the gym that do not know what they are doing and it’s not their fault and at mypowerbuildingprogram we are here to help these people become stronger versions of themselves and to feel confident in themselves and to help them get the body they desire.


The goal of mypowerbuildingprogram is to provide people with specific personalized  programs for themselves to help them achieve their fitness goals and to help them become better versions of themselves. We also intend to give diet advice and specific tips to help them become better and to remain injury free in the gym.


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