My Powerbuilding Program


I have been training in the gym for a littleness more than a year now and at first I struggled to develop a proper program and because of this I struggled to get bigger and stronger at the gym. I struggled in all my lifts and I was often upset at the fact that I wasn’t getting stronger or putting on much size .

After struggling and struggling and endless research I then decided to develop a program for myself and after doing this I realized that I have gained 8 pounds of muscle and also my strength increased drastically and I’m continuing to get stronger.

Going to the gym is a learning process and I know everyone has a specific personalized goal . But patience and believing in yourself is vital. Upon getting better in the gym I wanted to help people who didn’t know how to develop programs and who were willing to get better hence why I’m here to help



My powerbuilding program intends to help people who struggle to develop and stick to a specific program in the gym. Especially newbies who aren’t too sure how’s to develop a program as yet but it can help gym goers of any stage of their training.

We intend to help people get bigger and stronger or even just get fit and love a healthier lifestyle and to help them become more productive and satisfied with their life. I have seen people in the gym that do not know what they are doing and it’s not their fault and at mypowerbuildingprogram we are here to help these people become stronger versions of themselves and to feel confident in themselves and to help them get the body they desire.


The goal of mypowerbuildingprogram is to provide people with specific personalized  programs for themselves to help them achieve their fitness goals and to help them become better versions of themselves. We also intend to give diet advice and specific tips to help them become better and to remain injury free in the gym.


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