Most of the time at the gym I would tend to notice that people do not warm up before they go into heavy weights. So for example, sometimes a person might be working chest today and they go straight into the bench press area and start to bench immediately.

After I might hear them complaining about their shoulder or even their wrist or elbows paining. They tend scold the exercise and say that bench press are not good for your elbows or shoulders.

You might even hear them say squats are bad for your knees. This in all reality is not entirely true. Warming up inefficiently is bad for your shoulders and knees!

I also see some people warming up but not warming up properly. It is the lack of information provided to them that is the cause of this. I will now provide the information required for a successful warm up everytime.

Warming up is used to prepare the body for the physical activity ahead.


1)INCREASE IN HEART RATE – As you warm up your body the muscles start to work ofcourse. As your muscles start to work it needs energy. Your muscles possess glycogen from food and this is used for energy. The muscles need oxygen to convert the glycogen into energy in a process called respiration.

Respiration is the process by which your muscle cells get energy. So as your muscles start to work it needs more oxygen so your heart rate increases to pump more oxygen to your muscles.

2)INCREASE IN BREATHING RATE – As your muscles need more oxygen for energy, your heart rate increases since your body demands more oxygen and as muscles demand more oxygen the only way to get more oxygen is to increase your breathing.

3)BODY TEMPERATURE INCREASES– As your muscles start to respire, energy starts to get produced. Some heat is produced in the process of respiration. So as your muscles respire some heat is produced and your body temperature increases which include your blood temperature as well.

4)RANGE OF MOTION INCREASES : With the proper stretches, blood flow will ofcourse increase to that particular area and as blood flow increases to that area allowing you to go deeper into that stretch and therefore increasing your range of motion.This allows you to have better form when performing an exercise as well!

5)INCREASE IN MENTAL FOCUS – Personally when warming up my mind tends to be in a focused state as I am preparing for the task ahead.When warming up it helps to mentally prepare you to become focus and to let your mind and body know what is the task ahead.When mental focus is increased you get a better workout! This is so because you can focus on the mucles that you are working.

6)PREVENTS INJURY– Warming up helps us to prevent injuries since our muscles and blood temperature is now increased ,the availability of oxygen and nutrients to muscles are increased and as this also increases our range of motion allowing our muscles to stretch further without worrying about pulling a muscle or damaging any body parts.


1) DO SOME LIGHT CARDIO-Doing some light cardio gets the heart rate up which helps to increase blood flow and oxygen flow to the muscles.

This also helps to increase the muscle temperature and blood temperature as well.

This helps to prepare the muscles for the task ahead and helps to prevent injury.So for example, on a leg day, I tend to use the stationary bike at the gym.

The reason I use the stationary bike is because the bike involves all the muscles of the legs to work, the glutes, the quadriceps and the hamstrings and even the hips.

These are all the muscles involved in a squat or even a lunge and I highly recommend using the bike on leg day or even days when you have to deadlift.

On upper body days I might use the treadmill. I might take a light jog or even a fast walk on the treadmill.This helps to get the heart rate up and the muscles warmed.

When doing cardio warm ups I tend to keep it light, nothing too strenuous.Also keep the warm up somewhere between 6 to 8 minutes.

You do not want to do any intense cardio before lifting weights otherwise your energy levels will drop and you would not have all the strength that you usually have. What you can do is do your weights first and then do some intense cardio after to develop some fitness.

2) DO MOBILITY EXERCISES-Mobility is the ability of your joints to move through their full range of motion without feeling any stiffness or pain.So some of you might notice that when doing a squat your hips might feel tight or even if you sit all day your lower back might feel stiff or even your shoulders when doing a bench press.

You might even notice the day after working out a specific muscle group that the specific muscles feel a bit stiff the day after.This is where mobility exercises come in handy.

Mobility exercises are specific stretches which involve static stretching, dynamic stretching or holding a specific position for an extended period of time. So for example, before I bench press or overhead press I would do what you call a dowel stretch that stretches the chest and shoulder muscles.

Or when I do squats I would do a goblet squat with a kettlebell and hold that squat position for about 20-30 seconds which helps to open up the hips.

For ankle mobility I would do a calf stretch which is important for squats.This a wide topic to discuss but if anyone is interested in learning more about mobility you can check out my previous article here.

3)DO WARM UP SETS– If I am doing a compound lift, which I always start my workouts with, I always use the bar weight first to warm up. I would do a set of about 8-10 reps.

After this I would add some weight which feels really light and I would do a set about 6-8 reps. After I would choose a weight that feels relatively moderate and I would hit a set of about 2-3 reps.

This is also to get the nervous system warmed up for the big lifts ahead.After that set then I would jump into the heavy lifting.This is very important especially for injury prevention, because if you jump immediately in the heavy lifting you can seriously damage your self including the joints involve in those compound lifts.


In conclusion when warming up before any lifting in the gym I recommend doing a combination of all three which includes the light cardio, mobility stretches and the warm up sets.

I have done all these three before I start any lifting at the gym and it has done well for me. I never really get injured and my form in the gym has improved well over the years.I highly recommend doing these in the gym, give it a try and see the difference it makes for you in the gym!

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PRODUCT: King Whey Premium Protein

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SIZE OF PRODUCT: 5lb container



King Whey is one of the recent upcoming supplements that is taking the market by ‘storm’. It consists of top quality ingredients and a variety of flavours. A lot of the athletes and bodybuilders are currently using this supplement.

It consists of 25g of protein per scoop which seems pretty good and each scoop of protein is about 120 calories.Of the 25g of protein it consists of 20g of whey concentrate and 5g of whey isolate. These are fast absorbing in the body and both have an excellent amino acid profile. This means that muscle growth and recovery will be optimal while taking this supplement.

I am currently personally taking this supplement. I am taking the vanilla frosting flavor and it seems to have a pretty good taste. I am not quite sure about the other flavours honestly, some people have said that the other flavours don’t taste so good while others say they taste good, so I guess it’s up to personal preference. But I recomnend trying the vanilla frosting flavour if there is any in stock.

I personally think it is a great supplement. It works just as well as the other great supplements such as Gold Standard. I personally think that I see muscle growth and I recover well too.

For those that do not know for optimal muscle growth you want to consume about as many grams of protein as close to your bodyweight as possible. It is okay if you consume 20-30g of protein below bodyweight you will still gain muscles. For some of us consuming so much protein through meals alone isn’t possible for us.

If for example you weigh 180 lbs then you have to consume close to 180 g of protein daily, about 150g for the least. I f you cannot consume that from food alone that’s where the protein supplement comes in. You take one scoop and get 25 g of extra protein into your diet.

For those of you that do not know how to take protein. You may need a protein shakers cup and you can add water and add a scoop of protein and shake it up and drink it. Simple as that !

I highly recommend this protein because it works well and it has a pretty good taste with respect to the vanilla flavour and it works well for muscle growth and recovery. For those interested you can buy it here!


Should I Train If I Have The Flu?

As humans, it is part of our lives to get the flu at times. Some of us may be once for the year, some maybe twice or even more than twice. Although we do not like it, it is normal to get the flu now and then. But the big question is, “Should I go to the gym if I have the flu?


First of all it is important to understand the severity of the flu. If you have a fever whether a very high one or relatively low one, if you have nasal congestion, a sore throat and even a cough. I do not recommend going to the gym. The only thing you will be doing working yourself to death.

A fever is simply a short term increase in body temperature in which is used to help your body fight off illnesses.So this is a normal response by the body when you catch the flu. But the thing is the temperature at which the body works at its best is 37 degrees Celsius.

The body consists of various hormones and proteins that maintain regular body functions and they work at their best at 37 degrees,so when our body temperature gets elevated, they can’t function at their best, so that explains why our appetite drop when we are sick.

Because the proteins that assist in digesting foods are not functioning well at the high temperature.

I personally remembered a long time ago I got the flu and I had fever and everything, I did some heavy leg press. After the first set I fl like my head was spinning, I felt dizzy and weak. It was the worst feeling ever.

First of all I never like when I am sick because I my body feels weak because I don’t eat properly and I just feel to lay in bed all day and secondly I hate missing the gym or I hate not giving it my best because I have something that’s holding me back.

But understand it from this perspective, when your body is sick it simply wants to rest and recover. The more rest it has the more the body can use energy to recover and get rid of the flu.

If you go to the gym and you lift really heavy weights the body will have to use up the energy to move the really heavy weight and also it will have to use energy for it to recover.

This means there will be less energy for the body to recover and you will take longer to recover. For example, it’s like cutting an apple in half and throwing away the other half, you get less nutrients from the apple.

Same with your body’s energy.You will have very little energy to recover if you use up a lot doing strenuous exercises! The human body is built to recover but it must be provided with the right conditions.

What I recommend if you have a fever and a really bad cough and cold, I say that you should stay at home from the gym for a day or two.It is better to let the body rest and recover and try and get some sleep as well because that’s when the body repairs itself best.

As the fever is over you can then go back to the gym. You may still have a cold and a cough so I recommend taking a few light days at the gym until your body is back to 100%.

Light days will require less energy so the body is still able to have more energy to recover. So when I have the flu I would train about 60% of my 1 rep max for compound lifts,( 1rep max is a weight you can only get 1 rep on ofcourse), and I would do some light weight for isolations as well.

When the cough and cold subsides and you feel better physically and mentally, you can ‘beast out’ on those weights again!



1) Drink Ginger Tea – Ginger works wonders especially when you’re sick. It helps with the sore throat and helps to reduce the fever as well. It also helps to boost the immune system which will help the body get rid of the flu as well.

I see a lot of people have the ready made ginger tea that they buy but these do not have enough ginger in the tea bags to help fight the cold. You want to get the natural ginger.

I grind up the ginger and I put it in a cup of hot water and drink that. It works wonders for the flu. You can also eat garlic, that also helps with the sore throat and the flu.

2) Take regular baths – Normally when you have the fever and you take a bath you tend to notice that the fever goes away for a while so this can help you to control your fever as well.

3)Take medications– Medications tend to reduce the side effects on the flu and help you to feel better as your body is fighting the flu. It also helps your body to fight the flu as well. You can use medications like Tylenol and Advil or even NyQuil to help you sleep at night.


4)Avoid the AC-Some germs and  bacteria favours cold conditions and tend to multiply in them.Have you ever slept with a sore throat and woke up with a worse one? That’s the reason why because the bacteria in your body has a cold environment to dwell in and if you are like me I hate a sore throat it’s the worst thing ever. Try to sleep at room temperature.

5)Get Rest – When you are sick your body just wants to use its energy to recover and it needs rest to recover. You should try to get as much sleep as possible and try not to be on your phone too much or watch a lot of television that is still taking up your energy. Just lay down and rest and take deep breaths.

6) Train Lightly– When you are sick try to keep the weights light until you feel better. Sometimes when I am sick I go for a light jog and I tend to feel a lot better so maybe you can do that as well. Whatever you do, don’t exert yourself too much. But if you are really sick I recommend you rest.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope this helps you whenever you catch the flu hope it helps you to a fast recovery!

How To Bulk For Gains

I tend to see people working really hard in the gym but yet they seem to get no results. Such as a lot of people who are skinny and want to gain more size, or people who want bigger legs or arms.They train the muscle but still no growth. If you are incorporating progressive overload and getting adequate rest then the main reason for this is you diet.


In an earlier article I posted the topic about how to lose fat. I talked about calorie intake and how it is essential for weight gain or weight loss.I will discuss how this same calorie intake is responsible for muscle growth as well as getting you stronger.

Food is basically energy. We obtain our energy from food ofcourse. Without food life would cease to exist. It’s like how important gas is for a car.Without the gas the car would not be able to move. Same thing with us.

The energy in food is measured in something called calories.Calories is the amount of energy in food. So let’s take for example a carrot that consists of 100 calories compared to a piece of chicken that is 200 calories. The chicken is higher in calories. Therefore, it possesses more energy.

Now you body burns a certain amount of calories for the day. This is because you body requires energy to move. So as we move we burn energy or calories to do what activity we are required to do. Similar to the car and the gas. The car burns gas to move from one destination to another.

So at the end of the day you body burns a certain amount of daily calories and you consume a certain number of daily calories. In order to bulk up and put on size and muscle, you need to surpass you amount of daily calories burned.

Let’s say you burned 2500 calories today that means the body required 2500 calories of food to fuel it for its daily activities.That means if you consume 2500 calories then you are just providing the body with the amount of calories that it is using up right away. So you will neither grow or lose anything.

If,for example, you consumed 2200 calories and you burned 2500 calories then you will lose fat and some muscle. This is because the body requires 2500 calories of food to fuel it and you only consumed 2200 calories. Therefore, it has to get energy from somewhere else. And in this case it is fat and muscle.

But if you consumed 3000 calories and you burned 2500 calories then you are providing the body with extra energy and with this extra energy, the body can use it to grow. This will allow you to get bigger in size and also stronger. It is possible to get stronger in a caloric deficit but you can risk fatiguing you body since it is not getting enough energy.

When bulking it is important to note that you may see that some fat may come along with the muscle and you must know that it is natural. It is okay to see an increase in body fat when bulking.

This is because, for example,if the body only needs 2500 calories of food and you consumed 3000 calories then the body has no current use for this excess energy and this energy will be stored in you body. But when bulking this extra energy is required to help the body grow.

So if you have been training really hard in the gym and you struggle to see any results muscle or strength wise you may need to increase you calorie intake.


I say increase you calories to about 200-500 calories over the number of calories you burned for the day.If you go over the 500 calorie mark you will gain body fat too quickly and this may not be good for you liking.

If you exceed the 500 calorie mark by a little that is okay but try not to carry it as high as 800 calories or even 1000 calories.But try to be in an excess of 200 calories for the very least.

With this calorie surplus of 200-500 calories you will gain size in a steady way and you will not gain an excess of fat too quickly.

I tend to bulk for about 3- 4 months and then after I would try to shred back down using a caloric deficit to have a more leaner and muscular look. I discussed the caloric deficit in a previous article. It was entitled ‘ Can I eat and still lose fat?’


To calculate the number of calories you want to consume in order to bulk up you should multiply you body weight in (lbs) by 16-18

On a day you are not as active multiply you body weight in lbs by 16, so for example I weigh 180 lbs , so (180 x 16=2880 calories)

On a day you are semi active you can multiply you bodyweight by 17, for example ( 180 x17)

On a day you are very active you can multiply you bodyweight by 18, for example (180 x 18)

In order to bulk you would want to stay in a constant caloric surplus every day. If you don’t you weight will be constantly fluctuating. If you miss a day or two in between where you are not in a calorie surplus it is okay but try you best to stay as consistent as you can.


CONSUME CARBOHYDRATES – I know to most people carbs seems like a bad thing because people often confuse the term that ” Carbs make you fat”.

From reading my content about calorie consumption we understand that this is not true. The importance of carbohydrates when bulking is that carbohydrates help water to be drawn into you muscles causing you muscles to ‘swell’ making you look bigger, so you muscles look bigger although it may feel a little on the softer side.

When consuming carbohydrates the body converts it to glycogen. This glycogen gets stored in the muscle as well as liver. A muscle tissue consists of cells ofcourse which use glucose for energy. This glycogen will be converted to glucose for energy for the cells of the muscle when the muscles is being worked. Part of the structure of glycogen consists of water so basically water is part of glycogen.

This is why carbohydrates help water to be drawn in the muscle when bulking giving you a bigger look. If you notice that yesterday, for example, you muscles looked a little bit bigger than today it doesn’t necessarily mean you lost muscle provided that you are eating properly. It simply means you didn’t consume enough carbs for the day so you muscle glycogen levels are a bit on the low side. So once you ‘carb up’ you will be good to go! Also it is important that carbohydrates are about 40-45 % of you diet especially when bulking.

CONSUME ENOUGH PROTEIN– So may of us have heard the great bodybuilders say to ” consume 1 gram of protein for 1 gram of bodyweight”. Although this might be great advice this can be quite difficult for some of us.

Imagine if you weigh 200lbs , should you consume 200 grams of protein everyday? That’s quite a tough task. It is okay to consume about 20-30 grams of protein below you bodyweight and still gain and repair muscle. I have personally done this and I am personally still growing muscle. This is done by many others as well. I currently weigh 180lbs and I am consuming about 140-150 grams and I am still gaining muscles but try to stay in the 20-30 grams below body weight range.

Protein is important for you to build muscle tissue as well as strength, so it is very important in you diet. For those of you that struggle to get in enough protein in you regular meals I recommend buying a Whey Protein supplement. I personally do not get in enough protein from my daily meals so I use a protein supplement.

You can take it about 1-2 times a day. For those of you that have a protein intake close to you body weight and you just need the supplement for a few more grams of protein I say once a day. But those of you who have a really poor protein intake I recommend twice for the day. Maybe for breakfast with a meal and dinner with a meal.

These supplements tend to be low in calories as well and I tend to take mine with water. If you are interested in purchasing any Whey protein supplements check out here.

You also want a protein intake at about 40-45% of you diet.

CONSUME YOUR FATS – We often consider fat a bad thing since consuming too much fatty foods makes us fat ofcourse! But there are also good fats that exists and these are important for important body functions.

Fats are important to help keep our brain healthy and it is also very important for protection of our internal organs. They also help you to gain a bit of muscle and provide us with energy as well.

Fats only need to consist of about 10-15% of our diet. You do not need to consume a lot of fats in you diet but it’s also a very big part of you diet and for regular body functions.Some good fats you can consume are like avocados, nuts, fish, dark chocolate and a lot more!


I hope this information helped you guys to understand the principles of bulking and I hoped it helped you in your fitness life one way or another. Thank you guys for reading!

How Can I Improve My Form In The Gym?

Ever wondered when doing a squat you feel a stiffness in your hip?And this stiffness stops you from going to depth?Or even when doing a bench press, you feel a stiffness or pain in your shoulders? Or for any specific exercise?This is so because you lack what we call Mobility.



Mobility is the ability of your joints to move through their full range of motion without feeling any stiffness or pain.So for example when doing a squat your hip and ankle joints are both required to squat.A person with poor hip and ankle mobility will find it very difficult to squat to depth and also they may notice that they might lean forward when coming out of the squat.

A person with great hip and ankle mobility will be able to squat to depth and be able to come out of the squat without feeling any stiffness or pain.Their chest will least likely fall forward in a squat as well.

The reason for lack of mobility especially in the hips and ankles is due to sitting a lot throughout the day. So if you have a 9 to 5 job that requires you to sit all day at your desk. Or even if you go to school or college and have to sit all day is a major cause of poor hip and ankle mobility. As a matter of fact most mobility problems!

Another example is when doing a bench press if when lowering the bar to your chest you find it difficult to lower it to your chest and you may notice some stiffness or even shoulder pain.

Even when doing a barbell row you may find it difficult to pull the bar closer to your body you may find a great stiffness in your shoulders.

One reason for this can be poor posture when sitting. So if you work at a desk or go to school and you tend to slouch when you sit or even if you slouch when using your mobile phone these are great indications for poor mobility.

Posture is very important when sitting and even standing because poor posture causes poor mobility and even body pain. So if you complain about neck and back pain poor posture is probably the main reason why.

So if you do sports or even go to the gym and you get injured a lot one reason can be mobility!


1) The first and to me one of the most important reasons for doing mobility exercises is it helps to prevent you from getting seriously injured. This is so because when the joint or the muscles around the joint is suffering stiffness, it would not be able to go to its full range of motion.

If you try to force it to go to its full range of motion and it can’t then you can seriously damage yourself since you are pushing the muscle and joints beyond its current limit. Mobility exercises helps to enable the joints and muscles to move to their full range of motion.

2)It helps to keep healthy joints. When doing mobility stretches and the joints and the muscles around the joints healthy. When stretching it increases blood flow to the area. With the blood there are often nutrients from the food we consumed in the blood and when this moves to the stretched area, it helps to repair any damages done and maintain any joints that are already healthy.

So for example if you ever injured your lower back deadlifting, stretching the lower back everyday over a period of time will help the injury depending on the type of injury and the seriousness of it.

3) It helps you to get stronger. If stretching joints and the muscles around it increases your range of motion then the weight that you are moving can now move a further distance. For example, when squatting the closer you put you foot stance the greater mobility you need and the wider you go the less mobility you need.

So if you usually squat with a wide stance you would realize you would not be able to squat very low bu if you bring your stance closer you would realize you would squat lower to the floor. This means with a narrower stance your body is travelling a further distance with weight on your back.

The further the distance the longer the weight is acting on the muscle and the longer the resistance on the muscle.Therefore you would get stronger overtime than using a wider stance.Same goes for a bench press when gripping the bar at a narrow grip as opposing to a wide one.


Firstly I recommend doing a mobility exercise as part of your warm up before jumping into some heavy lifting.This helps you to relieve any stiffness in the muscles and joints and allows it to move freely.

Therefore by doing mobility exercises before actually lifting weight blood flow would have increased to the joints and they will be properly warmed up for lifting.You can do these mobility exercises for about 5-10 minutes and this will help with a proper warm up.

Mobility exercises mostly involves stretching such as either static stretching, dynamic stretching or just holding one position for an extended period of time.

For those of you that like or are interested in yoga I personally think yoga has a lot of great mobility stretches in it and if you want to try yoga I highly recommend it.

Some mobility exercises that I personally do I will now discuss.


This is one of my personal favourite exercise that I use for shoulder mobility.It involves the use of a stick like a broom stick if you have one. You simply hold the stick out infront of you wider than shoulder width with elbows staying locked out the whole time,then shrug your shoulders and try to carry the stick over your head and carry it to your lower back.

Then shrug your shoulders again and bring the stick from the lower back to the front of your body again and do this 10 times and count that as 1 set. Do this for 3 sets.

You will feel a stretch in your chest and shoulders. As the wider grip width gets easier use a narrower grip but no grip inside shoulder width since that would not be too good for our shoulders. I currently apologize that I do not have any proper visuals on it to illustrate what I am trying to describe.

There is a video on YouTube that I think covers this well by a channel named Hosmer Chiropratic Health called ‘Shoulder and Chest Stretches with Dowel’.

This is also a good exercise to do if you tend to have bad sitting posture and you tend to get upper back pain and shoulder pain.


This is also a shoulder mobility stretch but it is a more static stretch I also tend to use at times. You simply stand facing a wall and put out your arms at shoulder with against the wall. You then step back allowing your upper body to go forward and let your arms lengthen until it is straight. pushing out your chest to feel a good stretch in the shoulders and chest and also upper back. You can do this as a substitute for the dowel stretch. You can do 4-5 sets of 30 second static stretches. This stretch is also great if you get neck and upper back pain.




This stretch is my personal favourite that I use to prepare before a squat. This helps to stretch the groin before the squat. So sometimes from sitting on the couch or the desk whole day causes the hips and the muscles around the hips to become tight. So if the groin muscles by the hip area are tight it prevents you from squatting to depth. So when squatting if you feel that your hips are feeling a bit tight I recommend this squat stretch.

You simply hold a dumbell in your hand and squat down staying in the squat position for about 20-30 seconds. I recommend doing about 3 sets of this. You can start with a light weight and increase the weight since the heavier the weight will give you an extra stretch but start light at first. Ensure that you are feeling a stretch in your inner legs. I recommend doing this as a warm up before squatting.Also do not let your elbows rest on your legs let it hang in the middle of your legs like the picture.


This is a yoga stretch that also stretches the groin area and helps to keep the hips healthy so you can do this instead of the groin squat stretch.You can also do this when you have free time at home and when your hips feel tight from sitting long hours of the day. Especially from those who feel back pain , most back pain comes from sitting long hours because of tight hips.



Before squatting I also do a stretch to improve my ankle mobility. People who lack ankle mobility will notice that their bodies tend to fall forward in the squat.This can lead to possible injuries if you fall forward in your squat with weight on your back. So when doing the Goblet squat stretch. Place the dumbell on your leg while in the squat position and hold it there for 20-30 seconds. So while in the squat position place the dumbell on one of your legs by the knee area and let the knees go over the toes. Then do the other leg and let the knee go over the toes but don’t let your heel come off the ground. Do about 3 sets of these about 20-30 seconds per leg. You can also increase weight over time as well.For those of you looking for further clarity on how to do this I recommend checking out the Youtube video ‘How To Stretch Your Ankles’ By SquatUniversity.



This is also a yoga stretch that helps that helps with shoulder mobility and upper back mobility as well as ankle mobility! This is a great stretch and I do it before the gym when training chest and shoulders as well as on leg day for ankle mobility. You can do this on your free time as well.I recommend searching up how to this stretch on Youtube if you are not sure how to do them.


For any of the stretches that you need more clarity on I recommend checking out videos on Youtube to see how it’s actually done. I promise if you do these exercises it will prevent injuries and also help you feel healthier and stronger. For those of you interested in doing yoga I highly recommend doing it since it assists in your mobility. There are lots of yoga videos on Youtube as well! Thank You for reading!

For anyone interested on purchasing any protein supplements you can purchase it at, I highly recommend the King Whey supplement, which I am currently using. If any of the protein you are buying can use a coupon code you can use my coupon code BIGDAN08.



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My ratings: 9.5 out of 10


If not the best, Gold Standard is one of the best selling protein supplements on the market and it has been around for a very long time. It never disappoints on quality and results and has a wide range of flavours to choose from. It has also been used by many athletes including some of the bodybuilding greats.


The ingredients that the whey protein consists of; a protein blend (Whey Protein isolates, Whey Protein concentrates and Whey protein peptides), Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Lecithin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium, Aminogen, Lactase.


In my opinion I think Gold Standard is the best protein supplement you can take. It has been around for a very long time and it is safe to take and I highly recommend it for beginners or someone looking for a protein supplement to buy.

It consists of 24g of protein and can be used to increase your daily protein intake. To get your muscles to grow it is recommended to consume 1gram of protein for 1gram of bodyweight.So if you weigh 140lbs it is said you should consume 140g of protein for your muscles to grow.

But this can be very difficult to do for some people from their regular diets. If this is the case then you should consider a protein supplement.I must say that if you cannot consume your bodyweight of protein daily it is okay to be about 20-30 grams less. For example if you weigh 180lbs and it is quite difficult to consume 180lbs of protein.So it is okay to consume about 140-150g of protein for the least.



It is relatively low in calories in which it consists of 120 calories per scoop.This is good especially for people who want to lose fat. Also when taking the protein it helps to keep you full so if you take it before a meal you will tend to eat less and is a good technique to help you drop body fat.

It can also help you to bulk up by blending it up with milk and oats and even bananas.This increases the amount of calories and can be used for bulking for those who want to increase size.

It also contains BCAAs and this helps to preserve muscle mass and your strength. It also contains Glutamine and Glutamic acid which are important amino acids to help synthesize protein in the body.So I personally think that it is a very good investment to help you gain size and strength in the gym !

How To Use

If you have a protein shaker cup you can simply add one scoop of the protein and add about 6-8oz of water. Then simply shake for about 10-15 seconds and drink.

You can also blend it up with fruits and milk and ice , some people prefer almond milk to make a delicious shake and drink that as well. It’s all on your personal preference.This is relatively high in calories though. If you intend to lose fat I recommend simply taking it with water because it is lower in calories and will assist in fat lost.

Where can I buy it?  

I recommend purchasing it at since you can get it there for a very good price compared to other sites.I tend to buy the 5lb container as it lasts about 6-8 weeks for me. The 2lb will finish in like a month. You can also buy the 10lb bag which would last longer as well if you like. If you are interested buy Gold Standard Whey Protein right here !( If the page does not load when going to purchase refresh the page and it will appear)




Training Through Bad Days At The Gym

As life goes in everything we do there will be good times and not so good times. There will be times where everything seems to go good and sometimes where nothing goes right. Trust me I have been through that myself.I do not like these days but sometimes we have to push through it and say that we made it through.

I just would like to discuss some ways that we can make it through a bad workout and still feel a bit accomplished.



-One reason can be that you did not eat properly throughout the day, if you train in the afternoon or night time.When you eat food, ofcourse it provides you with energy the body needs. So if you don’t consume adequate amount of calories for the day you would not have an adequate amount of energy to push the weight.

I personally train in the gym at night so I consume about 2-3 meals before I train at night or sometimes I consume 2 meals and a snack. Bananas are a good snack to eat before the gym as it provides you with energy in the gym.

For those of you that train at morning your strength would not be at its best, yes you will be strong but if you train in the evening time you will notice your strength is greater then. But this does not mean you are doing the wrong thing if you train in the morning. Choose what works best with your schedule.


– Another reason you could have a poor training day is lack of sleep. Sleep is rest and if you do not rest how is your body supposed to recharge itself. It’s like using a smart phone for long hours and not putting it to charge. How is it supposed to get the energy to continue working if you do not charge it?

Rest is vital for your recovery as studies show your body releases growth hormone when you sleep which enables our muscles and bones to grow and get stronger.

Lack of sleep also affects our energy levels which can affect our workout if we do not rest enough.Lack of sleep also can cause us to gain weight. Studies show sleep deprivation causes our body’s levels of leptin which is a hormone that enables us to feel full to decrease.

Therefore if it decreases we tend to eat more to feel full and if we eat more that means more calories which means we are more likely to gain weight.


-Another reason is if you had a stressful day.Stress affects the CNS( central nervous system). Stress affects your brain which is part of the Central nervous system.

It reduces mental focus and if you are not focus on your lift ahead you will not perform at your best so stress can affect your strength levels. We must be mindful that mental stress is not a real thing, it’s basically negative thought patterns.

Next time you are stressed out look at the thoughts you are thinking.And negative thoughts can literally weaken you.The same goes for depressing thoughts and sometimes when I go the gym and I have a depressing day I literally feel my strength levels drop.

Stress and depression can also lead us to over-eating for those of us that are stress eaters. This can lead to weight gain.

– CNS fatigue is also another reason you can have a bad training session. This is so if you are training too hard day in day out without adequate rest. This can cause your strength levels to drop drastically if you do not rest and this was discussed in an earlier article if you would like to do further reading. One way to know if you are suffering from CNS fatigues is if you start to feel mentally fatigued when lifting weights.


-Ensure to have proper meals throughout the day so your energy levels can be up when you are ready to train. I tend to have a light meal or a snack about 45 minutes to an hour before I train so I do not get hungry when training. Bananas are also a very good snack before the gym or any exercise you do, it boosts your energy levels.

-Try to get atleast 6 hours of sleep for the very least. About 6-8 hours is good amount of rest. Any thing below 6 hours is critical and can impair your training greatly.

I noticed personally that once I get 6 hours and more hours of sleep I feel good in the gym and I can train at my best.Anything below 6 hours is very crucial and you tend to not have as much energy.

I know there are sometimes when we can’t sleep at night or we have a bad night’s rest and that happens to all of us. What you can do is atleast take a power nap, that works great for me as well.

– Manage stress levels. Personally how I manage my stress is through either meditation or yoga. I do the both of them and these work greatly for me. It helps to release the tension in my body and help me feel great mentally.

It helps me feel mental clarity and helps remove any stress or depression I feel. I recommend doing about 7-10 minutes of both of them. Meditation also helps us to develop mental strength and toughness. Yoga helps to loosen tight areas in our body as well when training and helps prevent injury. I highly recommend this method. Also beware of your negative thoughts as it can affect your training as well. Meditation can help you become a more positive person.

If you do not know how to meditate or do yoga check out Youtubr there are tons of videos !

– Take a rest from the gym or take a light day. Some times the body can feel fatigued especially mentally and it is advised to let the body rest. Having a light day also does the body good and allows the body to overcome fatigue and recover.This is called a deload and if you would like to know about this method, I posted an article about it in a previous article.

If you are experiencing a bad day in the gym I recommend you take a light day and make it through the day rather than lift heavy and fail and beat yourself up. It’s okay to take it easy sometimes!

I hope this helps to make your training better in the gym ! Thank you for reading !

How I personally train for size and strength!

Hey guys so I am here to discuss with you today how I personally train in the gym. I decided to share this with you today just so you can maybe learn a thing or two from the way I train in the gym.

So gym has been going really well the last couple of months that I have been training. In the last 7-8 months I gained about 10 pounds of bodyweight. This ofcourse includes fat and muscles as I am currently in a calorie surplus. I am trying to gain some muscle so that’s why I am in a caloric surplus.I am also currently taking king whey which is Ronnie Coleman’s signature series.

For those of you that do not know what a calorie surplus is. It is basically consuming more calories that you burn for the day.This concept was discussed in a previous article I posted where I talked about fat loss. I will discuss this in a future article on why it is used to help gain and build muscle and size.


My current goal in the gym is to mainly to get stronger but I also intend to get a little bigger in the gym. I do a powerbuilding program and I think this works well to get bigger and stronger. My big goal was always to get stronger and getting bigger was not always a main goal.

I was always obsessed with pushing around big weight. It did not make sense to me to look big and not be strong.But that is just a personal preference of mine. Whatever your goal maybe I urge you to chase after it.

Over the last three months training powerbuilding my strength has increased a good bit. My bench press went from 155 lbs for 5 to 190lbs for 5. My overhead press went from 115lbs for 3 to 135lbs for 3. My squats went from 275lbs to 315lbs for about 3 reps.

I tend to focus on progressive overload especially for my compound lifts. This topic was discussed in a previous article so you can check it out. I tend to add 5 lbs in weight to the bar every other weeks and try to get the same number of reps and sets. So for example if today I squat 225lbs for 4 sets of 8 reps,two weeks from then I will try to squat 230lbs for 4 sets of 8 reps.

Sometimes this may not be the case as the weight may still be a bit heavy for me and I tend to add another week using the same weight and then add the 5lbs on the third week.Progressive overload is what will help you to get stronger and help your muscles to grow.

After completing my compound lifts I tend to do some isolations and work up a pump in the muscles and help it to grow. The isolations are for more of a bodybuilding style of training. Using the isolations can also help to bring up the lagging points of your body. So let’s say your lats (short for Latissimus Dorsi), which is a muscle on your back is underdeveloped you can do barbell rows or even deadlifts for your compound lift.

You can incorporate progressive overload in the compound lift which will build size and strength to the back muscles. You can then do isolations such as the lat pull down and further break down the muscles which helps it to develop and also aids in gaining more strength.


So I train 5 days a week and I do a training split of Upper Day, Lower day, Push,Pull Legs


Incline barbell bench press 4 sets x 8 reps ( increase by 5lbs every 2-3 weeks)

Close grip barbell bench press 4 sets x 8 reps (increase by 5lbs every 2-3 weeks)

– For close grip bench I tend to go light weight and not very heavy since I already went a bit heavy on the Incline bench press

Barbell rows 4 sets x 8 reps (5lb increase every 2-3 weeks)

– I keep the weight for barbell rows moderate

Incline chest press machine 3 sets x 10 reps (Light to moderate weight)

Pec deck machine 3 sets x 10 reps (light to moderate; increase by 5lbs 2-3 weeks)

Lat pull downs or cable seated rows 3 sets x 10 reps (moderate;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Face pulls 3 sets x 10 reps (light)

Dumbell skull crushers 3 sets x 10 reps (light;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Barbell curls 3 sets x 10 reps ( light;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Rope push downs 3 sets x 10 reps (light;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Hammer curls 3 sets x 10 reps ( light: increase every 2-3 weeks)


Squats 4 sets x 8 reps ( increase by 5lbs every 2-3 weeks)

Goblet squats 3 sets x 10 reps (moderate; increase by 5lbs every 2-3 weeks)

Lunges 3 sets x 10 reps ( light to moderate;increase by 5lbs every 2-3 weeks)

Hamstring curls 3 sets x10 reps (light)

Legs extensions 3 sets x 10 reps ( light)

Calf raises 3 sets x 10 reps ( light)




Close grip bench press 4 sets x 8 reps ( increase 5lbs every 2-3 weeks)

Incline bench press or overhead press 4 sets x 8 reps (light to moderate, increase every 2-3 weeks)

Arnold press 3 sets x 10 reps (light;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Side lateral raises 3 sets x 10 reps(light)

Rope pushdowns 3 sets x 10 reps ( light;increase every 2-3 weeks )

Overhead tricep extensions 3 sets x 10 reps ( light;increase every 2-3 weeks)



Romanian Deadlift or Conventional 4 sets x 8 reps ( increase by 5lbs every 2-3 weeks)

Barbell rows or dumbell 3 sets x 10 reps ( light to moderate; increase every 2-3 weeks)

Lat pull down 3 sets x 10 reps ( light to moderate : increase every 2-3 weeks)

Seated cable rows 3 sets x 10 reps ( light ;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Face pulls 3 sets x 10 reps ( moderate ;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Barbell curls 3 sets x 10 reps ( light;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Preacher curls or hammer curls (light; increase every 2-3 weeks)


Front Squats or dumbell goblet squats 4 sets x 8 reps ( increase 5 lbs every 2-3 weeks; keep weight moderate)

Barbell hip thrust 4 sets x 8 reps ( moderate ;Increase every 2-3 weeks)

Leg extensions 3 sets x 10 reps (light; increase every 2-3 weeks)

Hamstring curls 3 sets x 10 reps (light;increase every 2-3 weeks)

Calf raises 3 sets x 10 reps ( light;increase every 2-3 weeks )

So this is basically what my powerbuilding program looks like. If you like you can follow this program and it can be used by anyone.As you can see I used my compound lifts as a starter and then Idid my isolations.

The isolations I used were to help bring up my lagging points in my body. So if you have diferent lagging points you don’t have to use my isolations. Remove mine and add in yours accordingly. Use the same reps and sets range as well.

As you noticed you saw me put light to moderate in some exercises. I urge that you take this into consideration as sometimes in training you tend to feel fatigued.

Do not push yourself if you are feeling fatigued just keep the weight light because you will drain your CNS or central nervous system too quickly. And that is not good business if you push yourself to fatigue too soon.You will be forced to do something what we call a deload which I addressed in an earlier article.You can check it out if you like.

If you also noticed for LEG DAY I put front squat or goblet squat at light to moderate weight. This is also just in case you feel too fatigued because it’s a 5 day program with alot of training so this is to make sure you don’t drain your CNS.

If there is anytime you feel fatigued I recommend you lighten up the weight and complete the workout so you complete the workout feeling great mentally.

Also if there is any exercise that you are unsure about doing you can always check the technique on Youtube.

For those of you interested in purchasing protein for muscle gains and maintaining muscle I recommend checking out king whey.

It has a reasonable price an tastes delicious as well.

I hope that you learn from this information I shared with you and hope it helps you to get better in your training!